Sport The Globe Logo
Run a Marathon, play golf, battle a Tiger fish…
Do it here, there and everywhere.
Pick a set adventure or dream one up,
We’ll make it happen.

If ever there were a 13th commandment this would be it.
Couple the indulgence of travel with the adrenaline rush of sport.
It kills the mundane and sets your spirit free.

Sport the Globe is driven by a passion for sport and travel.
It is packaged into fully costed and well researched adventures -
Some are easy to find, others are off the main road.

Some are your dreams about to come true.
Now is the time to strike your have-to-do adventure off your bucket list.
Drop us a line with the details.
We’ll make it happen.

This is what we have prepared for you:
28 Jul 2013Japan and JKS karate World Championship
Aug 2013Lake Kariba Half Marathon
25 Aug - 5 Sep 2013Pebble Beach Golf Tour
20 - 22 Sep 2013F1 Singapore Grand Prix
22 Sep 2013Sydney Marathon
Oct 2013Buenos Aires Marathon
3 - 10 Nov 2013Argentina Golf Tour